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The inventor and CEO of Rainpal® is Adam Aarons who has 1000+ connections from his previous role for 20+ years in investment banking in Linkedin 

Adam had a eureka moment when caught in rain with his girlfriend riding pillion and he stopped and wanted to wait but she did not and offered to use her hand as a cap above his visor. Adam did not have the heart to tell her this was ineffective as soon as they were moving but in is mind Rainpal® had been conceived and he knew he had to do something about the terrible vision in the rain. Rainpal®'s journey had begun.

Rainpal® provides the same clear vision through your existing visor similar to a car. 

The road to Rainpal® has been longer than anticipated. The first design company let us down and until we had a detailed schedule we did not take any new orders. We have now sourced a design company that handle all the essential technical skills, namely Mechanical Design, Electrical Design and Industrial Design internally which is lower risk than using companies that subcontract one or more of these skills which is common practice and we are now taking Pre-Sales. 

Now with over a year in development and improvement Rainpal® will tackle all rainy conditions, heavy monsoonal rain, regular rain, drizzle, road spray, fog, mist all being controlled by your left thumb with Rainpal®'s Bluetooth control. 

Charging is via a built in USB port.

No noticeable vibration, rattle or loud noise with air guided over 80% of the area between your visor and Rainpal® there is also no noticeable drag.

Tiny footprint of only 19mm in height and 16mm in depth there would not be a noticeable drag but this design feature further prevents drag even at higher speeds.

Storage can be in the hard carry case under your seat therefore always ready for the rain and constructed from a tough material to withstand reasonable knocks. 

Rainpal®'s specification has improved from feedback from riders and after selecting the most popular suggestions we improved the design, engineered and developed our prototype.

Reduces Interior Fogging

Interior fogging is caused by the temperature difference between the interior and exterior of the visor so if you reduce this difference you reduce fogging. By removing the rain from your visor this rain is colder than air at ground level as it has fallen from high in the sky where it is much colder so the outside of the visor temperature is not so cold and therefore the temperate difference is reduced and additionally there is less wind chill = less interior fogging. We tried this on our cars with the heater off and the windscreen air vents closed and the wiped areas of the windscreen took much longer to fog on the inside where as the outer area that had rain sitting fogged up much faster.

Rainpal® fits all Full and Open Face Visors from 23 to 26cms in a direct line.

Rainpal® is made from high quality flexible material that fits all Full, Flip and Open Face helmets that measure 23 to 26 cms in a straight line ear to ear, this covered every helmet we could find. If you are lucky enough to have more than one helmet you can therefore use Rainpal® on your different helmet visors. Rainpal® ships with 2 mounting brackets, more brackets can be purchased separately.

Does Rainpal® Need To Be Screwed To My Visor?

The very well known and massive brand 3M have researched and produced a double sided tape that advertises as a replacement for rivets. For more details please see their VHB tape page.

Ride in comfort with clear vision. You can use Rainpal® or Rainpal® Evolution at any speed and even open your visor at an speed with attachment via super strong adhesive strip and a one click detachment system.

How? the tape we use is so strong trucks and trains are made from it therefore providing far more than enough adhesion so your Rainpal® will not be coming off your visor.

A sleek Rainpal® measuring just 1.6 cm in depth by 1.8 cm in height the adhesive strip is covered with a slim mounting plate finished in either black or white to match the Rainpal® colour ordered usually the same colour as your helmet, the bracket remains in place at the top edge of the visor with or without Rainpal® attached.

As most visors sit about 1 cm higher than the viewing aperture of the helmet you only lose about 0.8 cm of top vision, nothing to be concerned about. Rainpal® measuring 1.8 cms top to bottom and 1.8 cm front to back and can so easily be attached/detached as you require. Some people prefer to leave Rainpal® on all the time by just detaching the wiper shaft which especially handy in our Evo model to video in the dry. Each Rainpal® ships with 2 strips and mounts so you can use Rainpal® on two visors/helmets, extra sets can be purchased separately.

Who is the CEO of Rainpal®

Adam started riding motorcycles much later than when he started driving cars and quickly noticed that rider's vision in the rain was so compromised that in modern times riders deserved better, they deserved the same clear vision as car drivers are provided via wipers.

He felt so passionately about this and wanted to reduce accidents and save lives his close friend had been badly hurt because she could not see riding in the rain. This is a major problem.

To improve rider's safety Adam took a year designing Rainpal® which he now presents.

The proof of principle has now been proven and tests for wind and temperature will now be undertaken on Rainpal® to become a retail product. 

The main man behind Rainpal® is Adam Aarons who is 53 years old and has run successful businesses for over 25 years.

Adam spent all his career in London's financial district first as an Foreign Exchange trader with the bank's own capital and as a recruitment specialist building the best trading teams globally.

Working directly with many global head of banking for example Group Chief Executive officer of UBS Sergio Ermotti

Adam spent most of his career working with the global heads of businesses at investment banks using his services for over two decades. Many of the traders he placed were promoted to global head of businesses and as they rated his skills so highly helping their career was one of the reasons Adam gained the trust of bankers around the world some of whom like Yassine Bouhara once promoted used Adam to hire candidates for them thus emerging from a candidate to client.

Many of the top global banking names like UBS, Bank Of America Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank exclusively used Adam's services. Great times.

Please read the other FAQ's in this section. Rainpal® looks to improve rider's lives together we can change rider's vision for the better in the rain!

I am worried about Rainpal® scratching my visor?

Vee-Wipe has been on sale for many years and the reviews are excellent with 1 site having over 150 reviews scratching not being a problem even with road grime and dirt. Rainpal® will be made from a similar material. In addition over 90% of visors currently on sale are scratch resistant. Rainpal® will use less pressure so scratching should not be a problem if your visor is clean and wet. As an added confidence booster we ship a Free Tear Off so guaranteed no scratching.

I love the water sprayer system on cars for their windshield does Rainpal® have a sprayer?

Yes, Rainpal® has a water jet spray (windshield washer) to wash your visor and is separately attachable/detachable. This makes clear vision easy in the drizzle with Rainpal® and Rainpal® Evolution is also extremely effective in giving you excellent clear vision on salted roads. This unit is sold separately.

What happens if the battery runs out?

There are 3 types of power supply, 2 sizes of on board batteries and connection to your motorcycle's 12V supply.

Before the battery is completely exhausted the wiper parks as far to the side as possible. For many journeys one set of batteries will be fine with continuous use Rainpal® should provide 35 minutes of use and much longer with delay wipe enabled. Rainpal® Evolution will produce around 25 minutes if video recording is on and again much longer if delay wipe is enabled. There is a low warning battery light on the Bluetooth control attached to your steering so you can swap to our unique swappable battery packs you never need to be without power or a clear visor in the rain.

Is the wiper shaft detachable?

Yes, Rainpa®l and Rainpal® Evolution's wiper shaft detaches in a second especially handy for when you want to video in the dry or keep Rainpal® on all the time and store the wiper shaft in the supplied hard carry case.    

Can I adjust the wiper speed and change the delay of the intermittent wipe?

Yes Rainpal® and Rainpal®Evolution have variable wiper speed and adjustable delay wipe set via the Bluetooth control allowing you to keep your hands on the steering at all times.

Is Rainpal® controlled via wireless?

Yes Rainpal® and Rainpal®Evolution have Bluetooth controls on your left steering above your current control cube where you can adjust with your thumb the wiper speed and timing of the delay wipe and also an LED illuminates when the battery is low. Swappable battery packs are available. 

Can I use Rainpal® with Pinlocks?

Rainpal® wipe width is wide at 25cms nearly the distance but not quite between the pinlock attachment points so you can still use Pinlocks.

How light is Rainpal?

Around 170g which is about 10% of a Full Face Helmet.

Virtually no wind drag.

Virtually none as Rainpal®'s sleek design is very slim at around 1.9cm in width and is secured by horizontal clips which all lock into place at the same time for attachment or detachment in 1 second. The remaining 80% of space between the visor and Rainpal® air can rush up or down through this gap so no noticeable drag.

Does Rainpal® vibrate or rattle?

No as the unit attaches via an adhesive strip so strong trucks are made from the same ape but Rainpal® can also be detached with one click even with gloves. There is no free movement that would create vibration or rattling and by being horizontally secured your Rainpal® is going to be staying on your visor at any legal speed.

I am worried about damaging Rainpal® when it is not on my visor.

Rainpal® supplied with a hard carry case for storage on your bike or at the office or home. The wiper shaft detaches for flat packing the unit and wiper shaft. 

How do I charge Rainpal®

Rainpal® is chargeable via USB, additionally swappable battery packs are available so you never need to be without power.

How long is the Warranty Period?

Our build quality is rigourously inspected and maintained. Rainpal® has a 12 months guarantee on all our range including batteries etc subject to Terms and Conditions in our Warranty Section.


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