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USA Today says Rain is the deadliest riding hazard - Weather Nation Rain triggers a 570% surge in crashes we all know that riding in the rain your vision is compromised making you are much more likely to be seriously hurt on a motorcycle in the rain. Not 570% anymore with Rainpal®

Motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to be killed than car drivers. Push the odds more in your favour with Rainpal® You would not ride without a motorcycle helmet, protective boots, jacket, gloves and trousers, Rainpal® is also an important safety item. You keep your hands on the steering all the time via controlling Rainpal® with your thumb with Bluetooth.

The inventor and CEO of Rainpal® is Adam Aarons who successfully built global businesses and now has 1000+ connections in banking gained over his 20+ years experience in the global markets more details on his Linkedin profile

Adam spent all his career in London's financial district, first as an Foreign Exchange trader with leading banks at the time like Bank Of Tokyo using the bank's own capital and as a then recruitment specialist building the best trading teams for investment banks globally.

Adam built the global Equity Derivatives team for Merrill Lynch both in London and New York. He also placed the 2nd youngest Managing Director ever within that firm.

Working directly with many global head of banking for example Group Chief Executive officer of UBS Sergio Ermotti

How did Adam migrate to designing Rainpal? One day Adam was riding his motorcycle with his girlfriend sitting behind and it started to rain so heavily it was difficult to see. He stopped but his girlfriend wanted to carry on. So he did what she asked and she surprised him by placing her hand like a cap above his visor which of course was no effective as soon as any speed was gained.

He thought there must be a better solution and hence Rainpal was born!

We appreciate riders want to keep their existing helmets so we designed Rainpal to fit virtually all Full Face helmets. Please see the chart below

Measuring Chart For Rainpal

Rainpal® fits all Full and Open Face Visors from 23 to 26cms in a direct line, this covered every helmet we could find. Use Rainpal® on your different helmet visors. Rainpal® ships with 2 mounting brackets.

For use in all conditions including in the dry with our optional Rainmate® water sprayer which attaches above Rainpal® with 4 x 5ml mist squirts to keep it nice and neat.

You can also use a visor cleaner liquid of your choice to aid in the removal of bugs in the dry and general grime in the dry. No more having to stop waste time doing this 

Rainpal® has been welcomed by 10,000,000's views by riders some of whom are in our Published Globally Tab with over 1.500,000 views in 3 posts on Facebook  733,000, 263,000140,000  and 114,000 views Rainpal®'s YouTube.

A special thanks to the folks at Discovery Channel

Adjustable wiper speed, adjustable delay wipe, 1 wiper, Rainmate water sprayer  all controlled with your thumb under/over your existing controls (indicator, main beam etc) via Bluetooth with our remote controller.

Rainpal can be attached in 1 second and detached as fast but once on your visor she is not going anywhere as one side of the bracket taking up about 1.2 cm at the top of your visor is secured via 3M VHB tape 

Concerned about scratching? Vee Wipe has 100's of reviews and scratching is not an issue. Rainpal® uses a similar material.

Rainpal® is currently at the advanced design stage by a multi-billion dollar company and global experienced manufacturers are being evaluated and short listed. We thank the many customers that have pre-ordered for their continued patience for probably the most advance in motorcycle helmet visors in history.

Riding A Motorcycle In The Rain

Small gaps between the visor and Rainpal® are intentional and perfect for allowing air to run through therefore will be no noticeable wind drag.

Storage can be in the hard carry case under your seat therefore always ready for the rain and constructed from a tough material to withstand reasonable knocks. 

As most visor's top sit about 1 cm higher than the viewing aperture of the helmet you only lose about 0.8 cm of top vision, nothing to be concerned about. Rainpal® measuring 1.8 cms top to bottom and 1.8 cm front to back and can so easily be attached/detached as you require. Some people prefer to leave Rainpal® on all the time by just detaching the wiper shaft which especially handy in our Evo model to video in the dry. Each Rainpal® ships with 2 strips and mounts so you can use Rainpal® on two visors/helmets, extra sets can be purchased separately.

Safe Wiper Parking

Before the battery is completely exhausted the wiper parks as far to the side as possible. For many journeys one set of batteries will be fine with continuous use Rainpal® should provide 35 minutes of use and much longer with delay wipe enabled. Rainpal® Evolution will produce around 25 minutes if video recording is on and again much longer if delay wipe is enabled. 

Rainpal will not stop in the centre of the visor when the battery is running low the unit will automatically go into a delay mode and eventually when the battery is exhausted the wiper parks at the far side of the visor.




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