Why Create Rainpal?

No one would drive a car without wipers as they can see the advantage, no pun intended.

All vehicles have wipers except riders, yet riders are the most exposed to danger. Only cats have 9 lives and cats don't read or ride. Enough said.

Rainpal intends to lobby insurance companies to provide riders who purchase a Rainpal a discount therefore making Rainpal free in the long term from yearly savings

Rainpal provides the same clear vision as car drivers benefit from.

Rainpal® has been welcomed by 10,000,000's views by riders in our Published Globally Tab with over 1.500,000 views in 3 posts on Facebook 733,000, 264,000140,000  and 120,000 views Rainpal®'s YouTube.

The inventor and CEO of Rainpal® is Adam Aarons who successfully built global businesses with 1000+ connections on his Linkedin profile

Adam spent his career in London's financial district, The City, as an Foreign Exchange trader with leading banks at the time like Bank Of Tokyo using the bank's own capital and then increased his income as the owner of a recruitment company where he built some the best trading teams for investment banks globally in London, New York, Honk Kong, Singapore, Frankfurt and Paris. So skilled were the candidates he placed that the overseas offices of banks heard who recruited their key personnel they contacted Adam personally and wanted the same quality of people sourced by Adam for their teams.

Adam's detailed understanding of trading meant banks soon gravitated to him and he built the global Equity Derivatives team for the likes of Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank etc 

Adam placed the 2nd youngest Managing Director ever within Merrill Lynch an incredible achievement in one of the largest US investment banks.

Working directly with many global heads of banking for example Group Chief Executive officer of UBS Sergio Ermotti

What does this have to do with motorcycles? Adam is a keen motorcycle riders and one day he was riding his motorcycle with his girlfriend sitting behind him and it started to rain so heavily it was difficult to see. Adam stopped but his girlfriend wanted to carry on. Not wanting to upset her Adam did what she asked. She surprised him by placing her hand like a cap above his visor which was a kind thought but at any speed not effective.

As Adam looked up at her hand he thought there must be a better solution. There is Rainpal®

We appreciate riders want to keep their existing helmets so we designed Rainpal to fit virtually all Full Face helmets. 

A special thanks to the folks at Discovery Channel

We thank the many customers that have pre-ordered for their continued patience for probably the largest advancement ever in rider's vision in the rain!

Riding A Motorcycle In The Rain





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