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    over 1,500,000 riders have viewed us in just 3 posts please note Rainpal® has been improved since these videos and no longer uses clips but attaches via super strong 3M VHB tape via a system you can attach/detach at will, 733,000 here263,000 here, over 140,000 here 100,000's have viewed our video on our Facebook page. Rider's want freedom on their bikes, Rainpal makes the freedom clearer.





  • Dr R.A.A.Eardley (A former member of the IOM TT and MGP Medics):

    "Please add my name to your list of prospective purchasers. I will bring it to the attention of all bikers I know in my area, namely the BMW Club South/West, Plymouth Advanced Motorcyclists and British Legion Riders. I am a member of IAM and I am sure it would of interest to the bike section of that organisation"

  • Tom Parker Says:

    "Take my money - I think this is a fantastic idea and with it being so cheap who could say no. I'm sure my fellow club members and I would be interested"

  • Dean Allder:

    "I can't wait to have it great job Rainpal"

  • Joakim Lindeborg:

    "That invention will revolutionise the world"

  • Michael James:

    "The most progessive advancement in motorcycle safety I believe a must for commuters"

  • Pete Dolphin:

    "At long last. Brilliant"

  • Mikael Buzare:

    "Simply brilliant, go ahead. So tired to wipe my screen with my gloves"

  • Mike O'Donovan:

    "This is a brilliant invention, definitely need one of them, I ride in Ireland where we get summer for 15 mins each year, the rest is just rain, it`ll make commuting so much safer, how soon can I expect delivery?"

  • Mick McEvoy:

    "Hi, I live in Scotland the wettest part of the UK make one with a Saltire and I will be your head salesperson. I love it"

  • wonderfulengineering.com

    "The gadget you are looking at is know as Rainpal and is quite a well thought out invention if you ask us"

  • John Hargrave:

    "Email sent ...wNt one so bad ...brilliant ...about time"

  • Juan Rivera:

    "BAM!!!111 I want one"

  • Chris Sixsmith:

    "When is the launch"

  • BJ Wrigley:

    "Great idea"

  • Jason Hardman:

    "Amazing idea want one"

  • David Ames:

    "I belong to CMA ( Christian Motorcyclists Association ) We are worldwide and I can just imagine How many of these you could sell just by word of mouth and show and tell among us"

  • Rudy Tierens:

    "die heeft een gat in de markt gevonden goed produkt "Who has a hole in the market found great product"

  • Jenny Stickells:

    "About time someone came up with this well done"

  • Michal Majkel:

    "Need you in the UK"

  • Wouter Agsteribbe:

    "Great idea! Rain on the visor is bad for vision, true. The wiper will help against that. Neat!"

  • Aiden Boyle:

    "Great concept! I studied industrial design for a while so can see a great market for this, unfortunately it's kind of aimed at rainy countries like our own. I'd be thinking of maybe 2 versions at least, one bare bones version with simple buttons on the visor to switch on/off/speed, then maybe the hi tech wireless versions as a higher end product. As said it's a great concept and luckily most bikers place more value in safety equipment than pretty much any other motorist, then I think pricing can be justified as long as it not taking the ...."

  • Cheers, Po.:

    "Hi Rainpal, Thanks for inventing this coolest product which could easily be super useful for someone who rides. I would like to place my order for 2 pieces and I need you to ship them to Taiwan. I wonder how much I would need to pay including shipment. Put me in the list and let me know any detail I should be informed."

  • Hayden Long:

    "Sounds a very good idea there are times when I had to take my hand off the handle bar to wipe my visor and even then it does not wipe the water off properly"

  • Matt Tipper:

    "Sound like a great idea to me"

  • Kirk John:

    "Sounds interesting"

  • Alwyn Scooter Boy Thornton:

    "Yes good idea"

  • Sean Paine:

    "Good idea"

  • James Andrew Watt:

    "Can't wait to get one of these, thick mist came down whilst at work and riding home was difficult as it was about eleven o'clock in the evening. I couldn't ride at a normal speed so the mist wouldn't run off my visor and of course it kept misting up on the inside. Rainpal is the solution for times like these"

  • Italo Buzzetti:


  • Moartea Pasiunii:

    "Shut up and take my money, I would not think twice and for such a thing, I would sure pay! This is a brilliant idea!"

  • Matteo Regano:

    "Rainpal seems a great idea indeed, especially compared to those water-repellent products to apply to visors, most of which are a complete waste........."

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