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Rainpal® Interceptor All Vehicles Have Wipers Except Riders. Only Cats Have 9 Lives, Cats Don't Read Or Ride. Enough Said.

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Product Description

All Rainpals attach/detach to the sides of your visors above the anchor point with 1 second on/off. The centre drive section is 6mm (not cms) deep by 16mm in height and sits above the visor so no upper vision is lost. 

The wiping area is 20cms horizontally (cms not mms) and 7cms vertically providing the clearest vision ever in the rain. That's a fact. 

The transparent detachment points will have a transparent cover so are hardly noticeable when the main unit is not attached to the visor. In addition many riders have more than one visor.

Rain, road spray, salt, fog, mist, with our Rainpal® and Rainmate® water spray even in the dry you can have crystal clear vision riding without having to take your hand off the steering?

Is every vehicle designer wrong as they all have wipers?

The only vehicle that does not have wipers is the rider.

What about the riders? Lifting your hand is messy and dangerous especially at higher speeds.

Here at Rainpal® we offer an electric wiper option to riders.


What about the riders? Lifting your hand is messy and dangerous especially at higher speeds.

Here at Rainpal® we offer the electric wiper option to riders.

Safer vision means more riders live longer providing riders with equal vision to drivers. 

Give yourself the benefit of their research and development. Ironic that the only vehicle that does not have wipers is the motorcycle rider. Many of us think an accident is going to happen to us, but it does.

Rainpal® intends to lobby insurance companies to provide riders who purchase a Rainpal® a discount therefore making Rainpal® free in the long term from yearly savings

Spray with our internal Rainmate® and wipe just like a car, single wipe, delay wipe, adjustable speed wipe all controlled with your finger, or thumb via the Bluetooth control on your steering.

Rainpal® was picked up globally and advertised in all major languages some of which can be found here

Tried of lifting your hand to wipe your visor every few minutes?

Make your own look with our swappable skins, carbon fiber, white, black, matt or gloss finishes. Swap the skin to match different helmets.

The difference between our Interceptor and Evolution models is the video recording function in our Evolution model for Police/Insurance etc.

Think safety. Think Rainpal®

See our Questions And Answers Page for a larger measuring guide

For more details check our Key Features 

Shipping rates will be shown when you type in your address and are around $15 to $20 for most countries.

To see our development progress see here

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