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Rainpal® Evolution Interceptor Plus Video Attach/Detach To Your Own Helmet!

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Product Description

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All models are Bluetooth controlled via the steering transmitter (supplied) easy to use your thumb without taking your hands from the steering and our wiper drive looks like part of your helmet being only 6mm wide inline with your visor.

Ask yourself why all vehicles have wipers! Then ask yourself why you don't? You only live once.

All Rainpals attach/detach to the sides of your visors above the anchor point with 1 second on/off. The centre drive section is tiny at only 6mm (not cms) deep by 16mm in height and sits above the visor, so no upper vision is lost. 

Our wiping area is 20cms horizontally and 7cms vertically providing the clearest vision ever in the rain. That's a fact. 

The transparent detachment points will have a transparent cover so are hardly noticeable when the main unit is not attached to the visor. In addition many riders have more than one visor.

Rain, road spray, salt, fog, mist, with our 1 touch Rainpal® and Rainmate® water spray even in the dry you can have crystal clear vision. Riding without having to take your hand off the steering, like never before.

Many of us think an accident is going to happen to us, but it does.

Rainpal® intends to lobby insurance companies to provide riders who purchase a Rainpal a discount therefore making Rainpal® free in the long term from yearly savings

Single wipe, delay wipe, adjustable speed wipe all controlled with your finger, or thumb via the Bluetooth control on your steering.

Rainpal® was picked up globally and advertised in all major languages some of which can be found here

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