Rainpal Probably The Best Motorcycle Visor Cleaner In The World

Rainpal® Evolution Gives You A Safer Ride

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Product Description

Rainpal® is an electric wiper and Rainmate® an internal electric sprayer both controlled with your thumb via Bluetooth. You never have to take your hand off your steering again to wipe your visor. Controlled from the supplied Bluetooth remote control which attaches to your steering. A safer way to ride.  
Make your own look with our swappable shells, carbon fiber, white, black, matt or gloss finishes. Swap the skin to match different helmets.

The difference between our Interceptor and Evolution models is the video recording function in our Evolution model.

There is a reason wipers are mandatory on all road vehicles, cars, buses, truck, even tractors in every country in the world and would have been on helmets a long time ago but until now it was not possible to have a small enough battery to power the wiper. Rainpal is changing this and providing riders with the safe vision they deserve from fast continuous wipe to a 20 second delay.

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You Never Have To Clean Your Visor Again. How?

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* Rainpal has been in development for over 2 years and our advanced Prototype is due in April. To see our development progress see here


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