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Evolution Riders Have Never Had Clear Vision Like This

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The single difference between our Interceptor and Evolution models is the video recording function available in the Evolution.

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Some motorcyclists think they can see clearly in the rain

Wipers are mandatory on all road vehicles, cars, buses, truck, even tractors in every country in the world.

Until now it was not possible to have a small enough on board battery to power a wiper, it is now.

Rainpal® provides you with an electric wiper and a liquid jet spray to bring your vision up to the same safety as car drivers. 

A rider's life is as precious as a driver's life in our world.

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You Never Have To Clean Your Visor Again. How?

Rainpal® has evolved with improved specification and is now at an advanced design stage undergoing testing. To be kept up to date with when we start shipping please register at the top right of this page.

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